What is the Difference Between an Entreprenur and a Founder?

July 18, 2007

by Tetsutaro Mameda

During considering what characteristics an entrepreneur has, one word came to me. It was “founder”. Definition of founder is someone who establishes a business, organization, school etc. On the other hand, definition of entrepreneur is someone who starts a company, arranges business deals, and takes risks in order to make a profit. Both a founder and an entrepreneur start a business. A founder might take risks in order to make a profit. When an entrepreneur is introduce in front of people, he/she is called that “He/She is founder of this company.” So, what are the different between an entrepreneur and a founder? An entrepreneur equal to a founder?

In my opinion, an entrepreneur and a founder are the same person. However, time phase is different. There are phase of company: planning phase, starting phase, growing phase, then settling phase. During growing and settling phase, an entrepreneur becomes a founder because a company name is getting famous then everyone starts be interested in it and care about it, so he/she needs to have more longer term of vision.

What do you think about the differences between an entrepreneur and a founder?


One comment

  1. Maybe “Founder” is more of a factual description and “Entrepreneur” is more of a occupational description.

    Entrepreneur gives people the impression that one is still actively engaged in the business

    Founder gives the impression that he/she is a part of corporate history.

    Maybe the real difference is just that”Entrepreneur” has become a popular catchphrase.

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