First Day of Class

July 26, 2007

I started this new class and it is very interesting. I thought I knew what an entrepreneur was. After the first day of class I was so confused I did not know what the word meant, but at the same time the instructor started to get me thinking what my definition was. He had asked if any body knew any. I was for sure that I did not. After getting further on that day in class. He had thrown a few scenarios out and is so and so an entreprenuer or is he not. That really got me thinking. So I went through the list of people and I was coming to maybe a new definition. Here it goes. The new definition is that an entrepreneur has different grades of entrepreneurship. I think that he has to be able to foresee opurtunity and also be responsible as far as risk on either failure or success finacially. I think that the entrepreneur has to take initiative and be a self motivater. I think that he has to have his crystal ball and be able to see patterns in industry and have the right connections to able to make things happen in that same industry that he decides to jump into. I think that he has to be able come up with either a new idea on old product or services or be able to take an old idea and make it better. I think he has to be able to get out of his comfort zone and just NIKE it or (DO IT). He has to have that kind of mind set. That is what I took away from the first class.


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