Pete Ashdown assembly

July 26, 2007

Well I went to class again this last week and wow. There was this guy named Pete Ashdown and he started up his own deal back before the interenet was anything. He had the ability to forsee that there was going to be a need for ISP providers. Which at the time did not exist. His story was amazing. I can start to see by listening to him and reading real world examples what this entrepreneurship is really all about. It is starting to open my eyes to see maybe I could do that. But for right now NO. I have a comfort zone that i just recently pushed out of and made bigger. Maybe I am ready to be an entrepreneur who knows. Well this week we learned that Pete had a vision and he went with it now he has his own ISP Provider company called XMission very cool. We also learned that there were four kind of catagory’s for entrepenuership. First catagory was it is a job which was defined as you had your own business and were making minimum wage and had less than 3 employees. The second category was a Lifestyle which you would be making like 2 million and you had about 40 to 3 employees. The third category was a Foundation and at that level you would be making like 10 to 20 million and about 400 to 40 employees. Then there was the big daddy High Potential and it that case you made 30 plus million and you had 500 plus employees. I figured that if I had a chance to jump into this arena of entrepreneurship I would want it to be either a lifestyle or a foundation.

We also read a bit on this girl that it was funny her name was magnolina and she as somebody termed it she was in the right place at the right time. She was a foreigner who came to america and went to school and started working for a living and then as her life went on she would take oppurtunities as they came across her path and it seemed for the most part that they would turn out for her and she ended up loving to make startup companies work. It was an amazing story she would get a natural high on working with startups and exploiding them into the corporate world. It was a case study from Harvard Business School. Very good read if you have the time.


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