The Importance of Developing the Right Relationships in Entrepreneurial Endeavors

July 26, 2007

by Tetsutaro Mameda

What is important for entrepreneurs to succeed?

I think the right relationships are very important to succeed. Entrepreneurs create their business ideas, take risks, and spend time for the business. However, many start up companies could not take off even though there were business opportunities. The right relationships is key of success. Some entrepreneur has great ideas but does not have marketing skill or other business skills. He/She can find initial employees, but he does not have enough option to hire.

Amar Bhide said “The lack of talented employees is often the first obstacle to the successful implementation os a strategy.” Person who succeeded, Ford for example, has great pertners. It is hard to put in every knowledge in one person. I believe the right relationships solve so many obstacles in the business.


One comment

  1. What if an entrepreneur doesn’t know the right people? Will his idea be doomed?

    Beyond having the right connections, I think that the successful entrepreneur also needs to have the right communication and people skills in order to make new connections when he needs them. Otherwise he really is just lucky.

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