4 Questions to Consider…

July 31, 2007

by Andy Snow

As mentioned in one of my previous blog’s, “Why Entrepreneurs?”, I have recently changed careers, and am now working for a startup company who was founded by several entrepreneurs and other co-founders. I have come up with four different objects that I look for when working for a startup. I also want to pose the question to blog readers whether or not you have looked for the same things when wanting to work for a startup company?

  1. Has the CEO ever been fired, or how many have gone through the company? Could possibly be indicator that the startup has faced some difficulties in the past and may not be on track to move forward.
  2. What is the burn rate and how much cash is in the bank now? I have found that this question usually will not determine my decision, but an employers answer to this question won’t necessarily provide a clear-cut answer about the ability for the company to access cash, it can open up an interesting discussion.
  3. How many employees did/does/will the company have six month ago, now, six months from now, a year from now? I look at this as a way to find out the competition within the company, and growth projections.
  4. What is the plan for exit strategy and its timeframe? This question could affect not only how long I as an employee may be working for the company, as it is in its form today, but more importantly, the resulting surrounding corporate culture as well.

Please feel free to post to my blog so I can see what others in the startup industry also look for when deciding on a company to work for. This can also apply to larger corporations and firms too.


One comment

  1. Andy, great questions. I’m not sure what question 3 gets you but the other ones are very good questions to ask any startup you might be interested in. Number 1 could be particularly telling (although I’m not sure how much you would learn the CEO being fired…most of the more successful entrepreneurs I know have been fired at least once.)

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