How do/should Entrepreneur’s manage employees?

August 7, 2007

by Andrew Snow

This week I have been contemplating how an entrepreneur manages people and how there is a fine line between that and how a professional manager manages. Like in most businesses skill, hard work, and luck turn that dream into a business success. At some point, as the company grows and matures, the founder faces a decision – should he/she continue to manage the company or stay with the dream. This example I have thought of ever since I have read an article from the Harvard Business Review, Magdalana Yesil. So, should the founder continue with entrepreneurial management or is it time to engage professional managers so the founder can devote more time to the company’s core idea? It is a question that our current company is facing now and must continue to be faced as our company continues to grow. When is the right time for the founder to pass along control of their dream to a professional? Some would have you believe it has to happen as soon as the founder begins to look for outside capital.


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