Does the way only reach your goal?

September 6, 2007

by Tetsutaro Mameda

One of the characteristics of entrepreneur is always seeking opportunities. In Magdalena case, she did not have consistency. She worked in engineering, marketing etc. She took many different paths.

On August 23, we had guest speakers from Today’s Mama. They talked us their business plan. They changed the business plan five times in three years. Their first business plan was publishing the book. Then they adapted community web site to keep touching their customers which are mothers. They try to push forward themselves because someone passes them if they stay current place. It reminded me one fairy tale which about race between rabbit and turtle. The rabbit runs much faster than the turtle. However, the turtle won at the end of the story because the rabbit takes a nap in the middle of race.

We should not stay one place in the business. We need to seek opportunities to reach a goal.


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