Impact of Entrepreneur’s on Society

September 18, 2007

by Andrew Snow

Entrepreneur’s throughout the world have always inspired me. In looking at the overall picture of how entrepreneur’s interact with the world and the society we live in, it is interesting to note that to be a true entrepreneur it takes a great deal of risk and opportunities in all of their forms. I remember reading an article from the National Geographic regarding an entrepreneur in the war torn country of Sudan, in the Darfur region, who had created a way to help extract water out of the partched earth to save millions of homeless refugees fleeing from the violence.

People such as this example to very successful (vague term) entrepreneurs here in North America. In a previous blog, I had discussed whether or not Benjamin Franklin was the United States first true entrepreneur. One could argue against or for this, but when we look at his impact, and the imact of other entrepreneurs, on our modern society, it is not to hard to venture into the realm of that these individuals are the cream of the crop in our society.


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