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You’ve Been Marketed

October 17, 2007

No matter who you are, I assume that you fit somebody’s demographics. Somewhere in the world there is a marketing team that is trying to understand you, to reach you, to get you to act or think or believe a certain way.

Does it work?

According to Blackfriars Communication, each year U.S. companies spend roughly $615 Billion in marketing efforts (give or take a Superbowl ad or two.) A good portion of that marketing budget is directed at you.

Now take a second.

When was the last time you were influenced by marketing? Think of the last few purchases you made. How might you have been persuaded? What information did you use in considering your options? Did you have lunch today at a place that had a big sign that drew your attention? Did you see a billboard on the way to work and make up your mind that you had to have seafood today? Were you drawn in by the smell of a great local BBQ and couldn’t get you mind off of beef brisket until after you washed it down with a coke?

Take a few minutes and try to think of the last time marketing influenced your buying decisions? How did it work? Why did it work? Now share with the group.


The Proper Categories for this Blog – Simple vs. Complete

July 11, 2007

If you had to boil every entrepreneurial topic and every entrepreneurial issue down to ten categories, what would they be? Could you reduce the list to five instead of ten? At what point does simplifying categories have a noticeably negative effect on clarity?

I would like to keep the comments on this blog focused on all topic entrepreneurial but I would also like to keep things simple and organized. I am going to begin by posting roughly 15 categories that should be broad enough to cover most things entrepreneurial. Over the next few months I will monitor the various postings on this site and use your feedback to shift and consolidate where appropriate. I would like to eventually narrow down the topic list to roughly ten and then find one contributing blogger that will be responsible for each specific category (although I would still like to see five or more contributing bloggers working in each category).

Take a minute to review the categories currently in place on this site and please send me your thoughts and suggestions on what should be added / removed / changed etc. Also, when you are posting your blogs, please try to limit the number of categories you choose for your postings to one or two.

Now…let’s get to work!