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Channel Conflict? Try Channel Stupidity!

June 12, 2009

I just tried placing an order with a distributor. His reply was basically to ask me to re-send him the exact same information that I sent him in the order but he wanted it in a text format instead of a .PDF format (I guess he doesn’t want to have to type anything in his order so it is easier to ask me to re-do it myself.) Whatever happened to making it EASIER to make a sale instead of IMPOSSIBLE?

He also asked if I could send him the quote that I got from the manufacturer and also RE-SEND HIM HIS QUOTE THAT HE SENT TO ME ORIGINALLY. Doesn’t he have the stupid thing in his own system or is he now using me as his file cabinet as well as his scribe?


FREE Movie Premier – “Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” « Young Entrepreneurs of America

May 8, 2008

FREE Movie Premier – “Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” « Young Entrepreneurs of America


Impact of Entrepreneur’s on Society

September 18, 2007

by Andrew Snow

Entrepreneur’s throughout the world have always inspired me. In looking at the overall picture of how entrepreneur’s interact with the world and the society we live in, it is interesting to note that to be a true entrepreneur it takes a great deal of risk and opportunities in all of their forms. I remember reading an article from the National Geographic regarding an entrepreneur in the war torn country of Sudan, in the Darfur region, who had created a way to help extract water out of the partched earth to save millions of homeless refugees fleeing from the violence.

People such as this example to very successful (vague term) entrepreneurs here in North America. In a previous blog, I had discussed whether or not Benjamin Franklin was the United States first true entrepreneur. One could argue against or for this, but when we look at his impact, and the imact of other entrepreneurs, on our modern society, it is not to hard to venture into the realm of that these individuals are the cream of the crop in our society.


Honesty in a Business

September 3, 2007

by Tetsutaro Mameda

On August 16, we had a guest speaker. During the talk, he showed us his criteria for hiring an employee. One of the criteria is honesty.

What do you think that honesty is important in a business?

I agree with him. Honesty is one of the most important characteristic in a business. Recently few well known companies in Japan had scandals which came from dishonesty. Fujiya, for example, which is famous sweets company, used of expired milk in cream puffs. Other example is livedoor case. Livedoor was quick growth IT Company. However, its 90% of revenue came from financial business. The management group committed a financial fraud. After that, Japanese stock marked went down. Dishonesty is the cause of the scandal. They caused huge negative impact to economics.

An entrepreneur needs to keep honesty in s/he mind when a company is growing bigger and bigger. A small injustice reads to a huge illegality.


Pete Ashdown assembly

July 26, 2007

Well I went to class again this last week and wow. There was this guy named Pete Ashdown and he started up his own deal back before the interenet was anything. He had the ability to forsee that there was going to be a need for ISP providers. Which at the time did not exist. His story was amazing. I can start to see by listening to him and reading real world examples what this entrepreneurship is really all about. It is starting to open my eyes to see maybe I could do that. But for right now NO. I have a comfort zone that i just recently pushed out of and made bigger. Maybe I am ready to be an entrepreneur who knows. Well this week we learned that Pete had a vision and he went with it now he has his own ISP Provider company called XMission very cool. We also learned that there were four kind of catagory’s for entrepenuership. First catagory was it is a job which was defined as you had your own business and were making minimum wage and had less than 3 employees. The second category was a Lifestyle which you would be making like 2 million and you had about 40 to 3 employees. The third category was a Foundation and at that level you would be making like 10 to 20 million and about 400 to 40 employees. Then there was the big daddy High Potential and it that case you made 30 plus million and you had 500 plus employees. I figured that if I had a chance to jump into this arena of entrepreneurship I would want it to be either a lifestyle or a foundation.

We also read a bit on this girl that it was funny her name was magnolina and she as somebody termed it she was in the right place at the right time. She was a foreigner who came to america and went to school and started working for a living and then as her life went on she would take oppurtunities as they came across her path and it seemed for the most part that they would turn out for her and she ended up loving to make startup companies work. It was an amazing story she would get a natural high on working with startups and exploiding them into the corporate world. It was a case study from Harvard Business School. Very good read if you have the time.


First Day of Class

July 26, 2007

I started this new class and it is very interesting. I thought I knew what an entrepreneur was. After the first day of class I was so confused I did not know what the word meant, but at the same time the instructor started to get me thinking what my definition was. He had asked if any body knew any. I was for sure that I did not. After getting further on that day in class. He had thrown a few scenarios out and is so and so an entreprenuer or is he not. That really got me thinking. So I went through the list of people and I was coming to maybe a new definition. Here it goes. The new definition is that an entrepreneur has different grades of entrepreneurship. I think that he has to be able to foresee opurtunity and also be responsible as far as risk on either failure or success finacially. I think that the entrepreneur has to take initiative and be a self motivater. I think that he has to have his crystal ball and be able to see patterns in industry and have the right connections to able to make things happen in that same industry that he decides to jump into. I think that he has to be able come up with either a new idea on old product or services or be able to take an old idea and make it better. I think he has to be able to get out of his comfort zone and just NIKE it or (DO IT). He has to have that kind of mind set. That is what I took away from the first class.