Join the Expedition

sherpa carrying loadWe are all involved in a lengthy expedition of entrepreneurism. Each of our contributing authors here at the Startup Sherpa take our turns running the lines, carving out footholds, and schlepping oxygen for the others. Most of us have had significant experience in our respective routes and we have all become acclimated to the harsh climate. We know what it is like to take that first step from base camp and we trust everyone on the line to do their part.

The sherpas are also very excited about having another climber join our expedition. We love what we do and gain tremendous satisfaction helping others accomplish their goals of scaling the summit. Most of us hold down full time jobs practicing our craft…the rest of us work for ourselves and are very busy. 🙂 But we would love to help out however we can. We appreciate all comments and love to hear opinions from others who are on the same path so please get involved.

If you would like to join us as a contributing writer for this blog please sign up for an account at www.wordpress.com and send an e-mail of introduction to the head sherpa. Tell him a little about yourself and your background. Let us know what you are passionate about and how often you would like to post, etc..and we will set you up as a contributor and you can be on your way.

We all look forward to seeing you on the trail!


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